Parenting through the toddler years: Five-Week Series

Workshop series for parents/caregivers with children 12-36 months

The toddler years are a time of rapid growth and change. As toddlers gain new abilities and begin to desire more independence, they can also demonstrate challenging behavior-such as tantrums, refusing to cooperate, hitting, and biting—that leave even seasoned caregivers at a loss.

In this five-week series, parents have the opportunity to share more about their unique child, ask questions, and practice evidence-based positive discipline techniques with other parents of toddlers.

Weekly topics include:

  • Toddler sleep (night weaning, nap regressions, nightmares, transitioning to a toddler bed)

  • Potty training (when/how to begin, no-pressure strategies, and language/techniques to engage toddlers)

  • Positive discipline strategies for challenging toddler behaviors like tantrums, refusing to cooperate, hitting, biting and more.

  • Preventative strategies to reduce challenging behaviors, including floor time, routines and rituals, and self-care for parents

  • Sensory and art activities (great alternatives to screen time) that will help to focus over- excited toddlers, create calming effects and help organize your child’s developing brain. 

Please note that the Parenting Your Toddler Intro course (or the Toddler Transition course) is a prerequisite for the five-week series.

upcoming Series Dates:

Early Childhood Matters is happy to announce our Fall dates for our popular Parenting Through the Toddler Years series and Play n' Learn facilitated playgroup. Both will be held in NoPa at St Cyprian's, 2097 Turk Street (at Lyon) San Francisco, CA 94115 

You can attend both the series and playgroup separately, though it's recommended to attend both as the teachings go hand in hand. If you have already taken the Parenting Through the Toddler Years intro workshop, we are also offering the 5-week series. Please see below for more details. 

The Five-Week Series is for participants who have already taken our Parenting Through the Toddler Years intro course. This evening series begins on Sept 11 and runs each Tues until Oct 9, 7:30-9:30pm. $250 If you haven't taken our intro, it's available on Sept 5 at Kaiser. More details here.

Also offered in a morning session, Tuesdays, Oct 23-Nov 27 (skip 11/20 for Thanksgiving), 10am-noon (optional childcare). 

If you haven't taken our intro, please find upcoming dates here


Also, check out our Six-week Play n' Learn indoor, facilitated playgroup in the same location at St Cyprian's. Tuesdays, Sept 11-Oct 16, 10:30am-noon. It goes hand in hand with the series.

Please email if you have further questions.

“I took the “Parenting Your Toddler” class for 18-36 month olds from Rebecca Walsh. It was invaluable and I learned so much. I appreciated gaining some insight into what is going on in my toddler’s growing brain and learning the various strategies—both preventative and in response to behaviors. I have seen a change in the way we interact when I am employing these strategies at home. I would highly recommend this class to any parent/caregiver of a toddler. Thank you for this opportunity!”
— Carly, Parent participant