Welcome to Early Childhood Matters!

We believe in the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  In modern society, parents often find themselves without grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family nearby to help them with the important and challenging task of raising children. Our goal is to create this “village” for families parenting young children. Through our parenting workshops and facilitated playgroups, Early Childhood Matters seeks to connect parents with one another, and to share knowledge from experts in the field, in order to make parenting both more effective and more enjoyable.

As parents, we are constantly asking ourselves questions like, “Is it normal that my toddler is hitting? Why is my daughter refusing to eat most of the food I make her? Is there a better way I could have handled that tantrum? My kids are constantly teasing each other-what do I do?”

Life as a parent does not always allow for a lot of research!  Our curriculum draws from respected developmental theories and the latest research in the field of child development. We seek to help parents understand where challenging child behavior comes from, and to have strategies to call upon when you need them most.   Our interactive workshops and facilitated playgroups groups focus on the importance of emotional connection, developing curiosity and consistent, developmentally-appropriate expectations, in order to grow and nourish the minds of our children.

We welcome you to register for these amazing classes and groups.  We know you will gain something as you share your own story and learn from others as they too embrace the dance of parenthood.


Early Childhood Matters focuses on the early years (birth through five), when the most crucial brain development occurs. Our programs support parents and caregivers on the road to more connected and effective parenting, and nurture the development of compassion, creativity, and self-confidence in young children.

 Through our parenting workshops and facilitated playgroups, we:

        Share knowledge on early childhood development, the root of challenging toddler/preschooler behaviors, and developmentally appropriate expectations for children

        Model evidence-based, tried-and-true strategies that empower parents to effectively respond to challenging child behaviors, while deepening their connection to their children

        Cultivate opportunities for young children and their caregivers to play together, laying the foundation for emerging social skills, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation in a safe, consistent, and supportive environment

        Build community among families, fostering an environment where parents can support one another on their shared journey through the dynamic and challenging years of raising young children


Each year, Early Childhood Matters partners with hundreds of families in the Bay Area and beyond. Our parent workshops are designed for parents/caregivers with children under the age of five; our facilitated playgroups are intended for children 12 months through three years old. Our community is wonderfully diverse and we draw strength from the diversity of perspectives and experiences that each family brings to Early Childhood Matters.

We enthusiastically invite all families with young children to join us!