Positive Discipline Monthly Group
(for those who have taken the 6-wk Positive Discipline series)


Yell less, bribe and threaten less, get kids to do more chores - ECM's monthly support group

Keep your parenting resolutions going strong  in 2019 by joining ECM's monthly support group.

Please note this class is appropriate for parents of preschoolers and early elementary years as well! 

NOTE: This group is exclusively for past participants in ECM’s six-week Positive Discipline series!

Suggested Schedule (subject to change based on group needs): The groups will begin at 7:30pm on these nights and end at 9:30pm.

ECM Schedule Spring 2019 Round 2.png

Location: The monthly group will meet each week at Unity SF, 2222 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94115.

Registration is easy! For the remainder of this six-week series (pro-rated for 5-weeks), please send a PayPal payment to rwalsh@earlychildhoodmatters.org of $250 (for participants starting Feb 26) This is the last week to grab a pass! (please use friends and family mode so fees are not assessed)

Otherwise drop-in is available at $55 per class a la carte. As always, partners/spouses/other caregivers are welcome to join the main participant for $18 per class. ($15 if purchasing in advance for the remaining 5 weeks)

Above are the topics for remaining classes. We will review tools from the course and add new tools each week!

This monthly check-in is for past participants of this Early Childhood Matter’s course. We'll expand on the guidance and support for parents and provide further strategies to continue sharpening your parenting skills. We will be incorporating a creative outlet and tangible experience by literally making a paper toolbox on the first meeting. We will use collage materials to decorate your toolbox as a family vision board with a mantra, quotes, pictures, etc. Each week you will leave with two physical tools (made from paper). One will be a review of an old tool, and one will be a brand new tool. By the end of the 6 months you should have a very valuable toolbox!

Our director, Rebecca Walsh, will expand on the topics you learned in your Positive Discipline six-week series and incorporate new strategies to help you on your parenting journey.
Rebecca is really excited about having the flexibility to review and strengthen core principles of Positive Discipline, as well as address specific concerns and behaviors from your own stories. We really believe there is strength in community support, ideas, and reflection. We have many meetings to solve problems in the workplace, but so few opportunities to collaborate with others around parenting challenges. You will leave each week with one new tool and one refresher of an old tool.

To sign up or find out more, please email me at kellam@earlychildhoodmatters.org.