“I can't say enough great things about Early Childhood Matters. I took the "Parenting Your Toddler" class series and also participated in an in-home Play-and-Learn group facilitated by Rebecca. Her approach is to identify what is going on in the toddler brain and respond positively and proactively. I don't know what I would have done during this time without Rebecca. She really helped me understand what was going on with my son and better ways to handle his frustration. There's only so much you can learn from a book or web site. Actual hands on guidance with someone watching you and your child interact and providing feedback is amazing. The other parents in our Play-and-Learn also had great results understanding and responding to challenging toddler behavior.”

-Kelle, Parenting Your Toddler and Play-and-Learn participant


“I highly recommend Early Childhood Matter's classes and I would suggest taking all of them as they all seem to complement each other. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable and I love that what she follows is research-based. As she points out- this is not "pop-parenting." I also feel closer to my daughter as a result of the classes, which was an unexpected surprise. I feel that I understand my daughter more and that understanding has deepened our relationship. There are so many classes out there to choose from- music, swimming, soccer etc., but I feel this class is the most important I have taken. The classes can start to be expensive, but for me, this was an investment.  The toddler years are a time for laying the groundwork for emotional intelligence and self-control- precursors for kindergarten readiness. It's not about knowing numbers and letters- it's about learning how to negotiate, problem-solve and handle disappointment.”

-Anna, parent of a 22-month-old, Play-and-Learn and Parenting Your Toddler participant


"I have taken several classes with Early Childhood Matters including "Introducing a Sibling" and "Your Willful Three Year Old." I find the organization's approach to its courses welcoming, informative and actionable. I always walk away with specific tools I can use right away. I appreciate the team's commitment to teaching the science behind why things are happening with our children and then addressing these developments with great REAL LIFE examples. I have never felt like I was being talked down to or indoctrinated with a specific agenda. Rebecca specifically, is very kind. Having three children herself, she understands where parents are coming from and provides great solutions no matter the situation. I have yet to stump her with a problem. I'd like to add these classes are also a great way to meet other families going through similar challenges as yourself which can be very refreshing when you feel like you are in the weeds alone. I find the classes reasonably priced and appreciate that they rotate around the city so there is always one close to me to enjoy every now and again. I also like that they do their classes later at night for working parents."

-Nicole, parent of two, multiple courses


“I took the "Parenting Your Toddler" class for 18-36 month olds from Rebecca Walsh. It was invaluable and I learned so much. I appreciated gaining some insight into what is going on in my toddler's growing brain and learning the various strategies--both preventative and in response to behaviors. I have seen a change in the way we interact when I am employing these strategies at home. I would highly recommend this class to any parent/caregiver of a toddler. Thank you for this opportunity!”

-Carly, Parenting Your Toddler participant


"I learned so much about how my child's brain works and how I can change my behaviors to get more positive parenting results. I have implemented many of their recommended strategies in my daily life with my children and as a result, I am not only experiencing fewer negative responses from them but am having more fun being with them."

-Heather, Parenting Your Toddler participant


“The Play-and-Learns have been a huge help for our family in these challenging toddler months.  I love the cognitive approach and practical tools. From watching the teacher I have learned many helpful phrases for engaging, redirecting and giving kids the tools they need to interact successfully!”                            

  - Elizabeth, parent of 26 month old, Play-and-Learn participant


“From the quiet observation of the children playing, I felt like I had permission to take a break from the pressure of constant interaction.  It was so peaceful.  The class was so helpful and insightful about how to facilitate such a crucial time in a child’s development.”

 - Rachel, parent of 21 month old, Play-and-Learn participant


“What I loved best was the way the teacher connected the ideas in the books with actual lived experience.  Sometimes it is so hard to make sense of all the literature on parenting these days.  The teacher was able to offer up multiple solutions to various problems, from a variety of parenting philosophies.”

 -Christina, parent of 14 month old, Toddler Transition participant



“This group really helped me transition to becoming a mother of two. I looked forward to each meeting and now that the 8 weeks came to an end, I am very fortunate to have some great new mother friends who live nearby. Thank you Rebecca for all your help, positivity and wisdom.”

-Second Time Moms participant


“Rebecca's classes have been a foundation for my parenting. Not just the content, but also a caring, knowledgeable (wonderful!) person who is available to answer your questions. That personal support is invaluable as a parent. She truly cares about children and their development and is a wealth of experience and information.”

-Parent participant, multiple classes