Eight-week series for mothers of two

Did you and your family recently welcome your second child? Are you looking for an opportunity to connect with other second time parents while bonding with your new little one?

Second Time Mom groups are a wonderful way to connect with other parents of two and have protected weekly time for self-care and bonding with your newborn. This group is a supportive environment for parents to connect and share openly about the challenges and rewards of transitioning to a bigger family.

Facilitated by Rebecca Walsh, founder/director of Early Childhood Matters and mother of three, each session includes weekly readings and related discussions on a range of topics, including:

  • Self-care for second-time parents

  • Bonding with your new baby as a seasoned parent

  • Supporting your older child in the transition to becoming a big brother/sister

  • Setting the stage for positive sibling dynamics between your children

  • Marriage/Partnerships after babies



  • Wednesdays, October 23-December 18, 10-11:30am (8-wk session), skip 11/27 for Thanksgiving


  • Wednesdays, Oct 30-Dec 18 skip 11/27 for Thanksgiving, 12:30am-2pm.

  • Wednesdays, January 8-March 4 (skip Feb 26) - 8 wk, 10-11:30am


  • March- May Morning Second Time Moms group, March 18-May 20, skip 4/22,4/29, 10-11:30am (South side of the city) - 8 week group
    The morning session is a home based class and we encourage participants from the Southern San Francisco Neighborhoods to join. Neighborhoods suggested, but are not limited to Sunset, Mission, Bernal, Glen Park, Noe, Excelsior SOMA, Mission Bay (*Daly City, Pacifica and Peninsula families welcome but please hold off on hosting for now.)


  • March-April Afternoon Second Time Moms group Wednesdays, March 4-April 15, 12:30-2pm (North side of the city) - 7 week group
    The afternoon session will be a home based class, and we encourage participants from the Northern San Francisco Neighborhoods to join. Neighborhoods suggested, but not limited to Richmond, NOPA, Western Addition, Nob Hill, Marina, Russian Hill, PacHeights, lower PacHeights etc.

    (*Marin families also welcome, but please hold off on hosting for now).
    If you are somewhere in the middle, please feel free to sign up for the group time slot that works best for you and your family!

    NOTE: If both of the groups beginning in March don't reach a minimum of 6 participants, we might have to combine the groups.


  • Third Time Parenting Series: More info here.

    Cost is $280 for 8-week series and $245 for the 7-week series.

If you are interested in a group that doesn’t have a registration link yet or is after the dates listed above, please email to be put on our notifications list.

Also, check out our Introducing the Sibling class here.

“This was such a great group! Highly recommended for anyone looking for support through the challenges of becoming a second time mom - the ideas, information and friendships have been invaluable and I feel like I’m a better parent for the experience.”
— -Erica, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the Second Time Moms group meet? How long are the meetings?

Each Second Time Moms group meets once weekly for eight consecutive weeks. The weekly meetings are 90 minutes long.

Can I bring my baby with me?

YES! This group is intended for parents and their new babies. Weekly meetings include special parent/baby bonding activities and rituals that promote healthy attachment and brain development in your new little one.

How old should my baby be when I join?

Typically, babies are between two weeks and three months old at the start of a Second Time Moms series. However, there is some room for flexibility. If you are wondering which upcoming group will be the best fit for you, please contact us.

Can I bring my older child with me?

We ask that parents find alternate childcare for older siblings during the group. This series is a special time for second-time parents to openly connect with one another in a supportive environment, while also having protected time to bond one-on-one with their new baby.

Where do the groups take place?

Members of the Second Time Moms group take turns hosting meetings in their home. Each parent is asked to host one session of the series, although no one is required to do so. Participants will sign up for hosting electronically and receive the schedule prior to the first session. 

Do I have to host a meeting at my home?

No, you do not need to host a meeting if you would prefer not to, provided that other group members are willing to host more than once. 

How much does the series cost? How do I register?

The cost for the eight week series is $280. The seven week series is $245. See above for registration information.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Yes! We are happy to offer sliding scale tuition for our courses on an as-needed basis. Please contact for more information.