Introducing the Sibling

Parent/caregiver workshop for families expecting a new baby

Just when you've gotten used to a little more sleep, a bit of a routine and settled into your groove as a young comes a new sibling! While welcoming a new baby to your family is exciting, it also raises some important questions and concerns:

  • How will our new addition impact the dynamic of our family?

  • How will my firstborn handle this life-changing event?

  • Will I really be able to love this new baby as much as I love my older child?

  • How will I put both kids to sleep, make dinner, let alone eat if my partner has to work late?

  • I finally figured out how to work in some time for myself and my will I be able to do this with a new baby?

Join Rebecca Walsh, Director of Early Childhood Matters and mother of three, to learn strategies for supporting your child in the transition to a new baby, and laying the foundation for a lifetime of positive sibling relationships. We will also discuss self-care strategies to support parents in this transition to a bigger family, and screen-free activity ideas to keep older siblings engaged while you nurse, swaddle or maybe even take a shower!


Upcoming Course Dates:

For more details, email info@earlychildhoodmatters.orgWe are still working on our 2020 dates!

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