Help with Transitions

Ever wonder how to make your day run more smoothly with minimal tantrums? Here are some tips...

Set a timer:  Give your child a heads up a few minutes before a transition so that they know it is time to move onto the next activity. Let them know that when they hear the beep it is time to move on. It can be a kitchen timer when you're home or an alarm on your cell phone when you're out.  When little ones have a chance to adapt to the idea of changing what they doing, tears are less likely to flow.

Allow for a Transitional Object: Knowing that changing gears can be the hardest part of your toddler's day-allowing them to take something with them as they transition to the next activity.  For example if your child doesn't want to leave the bath, ask them to choose one bath toy who wants to listen to the bedtime story.

Make them your helper: Get down to your toddlers level, look them in the eye and ask them to help you. For example, when getting ready to leave the house, ask them to bring a bag to the car or find their shoes.  Let them know how important their help is!

Keep things light and fun!  For example, sing a song about putting on shoes to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

-Barbara Nelson and Rebecca Walsh