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Parenting Through the Toddler Years 5-Week Series

Parenting Through the Toddler Years: 5-week series at Kaiser Permanente (Geary campus) - meeting Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm, May 24-June 21. Individuals $130/Couples $150 (KP Members), Individuals $150/Couples $200 (Non-members).

To register for either series, please call the Health Education Team at Kaiser directly at (415) 833-3450 or email

The Parenting Through the Toddler Years series expands upon the concepts and strategies introduced in yesterday’s introductory workshop. Weekly sessions offer in-depth insight into your child's rapidly developing brain, and the ongoing opportunity to practice positive discipline techniques that strike the delicate balance between encouraging independence and setting limits for your toddler. 

Series topics include:

·       Toddler sleep (night weaning, nap regressions, nightmares, transitioning to a toddler bed)

·       Potty training (when/how to begin, no-pressure strategies, and language/techniques to engage toddlers)

·       Positive discipline strategies for challenging toddler behaviors like tantrums, refusing to cooperate, hitting, biting and more.

·       Preventative strategies to reduce challenging behaviors, including floor time, routines and rituals, and self-care for parents

·       Sensory and art activities (great alternatives to screen time) that will help to focus over- excited toddlers, create calming effects and help organize your child’s developing brain.